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Love: such a small word, but such a huge concept for our lives. We say that we can’t live without love. “All you need is love” said the Beatles. We turn on the radio and we hear the word “love” over and over. We watch a movie, and it is a “love-story”. We read novels about love and we are moved about the romantic experiences of others, even fictional characters. Love wins Oscars. Love wins wars. Love seems to be an integral aspect of our social lives. Actually, it has been more commercialized than any other virtue. Because of love we buy things, we watch films, we listen to songs. Love is the highest commodity. Love is gold! That’s why we buy golden items to those whom we love…

Where can we find love? If we were gold-seekers, we would know where to look for gold. But where is love? Is it in the songs, in the movies, in the books? Where do we find love? We find love in our enemies. We find love in the person who cursed at us. We find love in the person who humiliated us. We find love in the person who assaulted us. Even the person who crucified us. That’s where (real) love is!

The Gospel teaches us to love those who hate us, because even sinners love the ones who love them back. Christ on the Cross embraces all of human race, even His persecutors. We also wear a Cross, not as a golden jewel, but as a sign and a reminder of our love for our neighbor, even for those who harm us and hate us.

We celebrate GODPARENTS’ SUNDAY today, cherishing the loving relationship established amongst Godparents and Godchildren. As Godparents, we made a commitment in the presence of God and people to teach the faith, love our Godchildren and offer them spiritual edification, to support them as friends, relatives, even as spiritual parents. Such commitment presupposes an active and involving role, a loving presence and a positive example. Godparents need to have a conscious spiritual life, participating in the sacramental experience of the Church and setting the paradigm for their spiritual children. Godchildren need to honor, love and respect their Godparents; their life has to illustrate the presence of Christ, a presence ever apparent since our existence and sanctified through holy Baptism. We hear, watch and read about love day in and day out. But what kind of love is that? Is it the love of promises and self-interest or Christ’s love? Christ’s love is such a small word, but so enormous for our lives!

+Protopresbyter Nikiforos Fakinos