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Winner: One that finishes first in a race. I always thought that this was the only definition of the word winner, until I read an article about Molli Serano. She came,152nd in the Ironman Triathlon Race in Hawaii on October 13, 2012. Doesn’t sound like a winner, does it? Listen to the rest of the story, though!

Molli Serano, age 39, covered 2.4 miles swimming, 112 miles biking and 26.2 miles running after she had a surgery in June 2011 that removed half of her stomach and pancreas, her gall bladder and a large portion of her intestines. You see, she has been suffering from pancreatic cancer and that makes it a clear cut winner for her, for her husband, for her 8 year old twins and for all of us. In an article written by fellow Greek sportswriter Bill Speros for,

it was reported that Serano came from Florida with her family to participate in the most exhausting race in the world expecting very little. After the 18th mile, she felt more confident, to the point that she exclaimed: “Cancer, look what I ‘m doing!” When she saw her family and supportive friends, she stopped and greeted everyone. Her son would give her a kiss and say, “Mom, go! People are passing you.” I believe that she passed everyone. She passed a great message for life, for love, for never giving up! In the movie the Ironman, you needed an amazing computerized suit and rockets to do that. Molli Serano did it on her own. She is IRONWOMAN!