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At last when do the slaughterers pay?

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On February 3rd, the International Court of Justice Hague decided on the compensation of victims of German atrocities in Distomo case. It supported the positions of Germany, which appealed the decision of an Italian court, which gave German State property in Italy to the victims of German atrocities of Distomo as compensation.

The decision was expected. Nobody had the illusion that the court could condemn the "bosses" of Europe. A decision confirming the rule. The law of the strong applies in this case too.
However much rhetoric, perhaps, questions emerge from this story:

1. When will finally the role of the conscience of the court should overrule the interests of the powerful?

2. Does impunity create or not fertile ground for new tragedies?

3. Does this decision strengthen or weaken the role of this court?

4. and, at last, when do the slaughterers get punished? A battle is lost  but the war continues.

This is the 1946 report, of the Minister of Education A. Papademos that records the antiquities stolen from our museums, during the occupation by the Germans and Italians. The pages that you are reading are only a few of a multi-page report containing full details of what was stolen from the museums, statues and other objects of immense value.

It should be noted that within the next few days the Ministry of Culture will initiate procedures for the return of 8,000 ancient artifacts.