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To this day, when someone is questioning things a lot, he or she is called a “doubting Thomas.” Thomas did not believe the testimony of the disciples who had seen the Risen Lord; he wanted to first put his hands in the marks of the nails in order to believe. The scene of the second appearance of the Lord to the disciples,including Thomas this time, is emotionally captivating. When Thomas sees the Lord, he falls on his knees and he confesses: “my Lord and my God.” His proclamation of faith was not just verbal, but it was enacted in his ministry. Thomas traveled the furthest distance any disciple traveled to proclaim the news of the Lord’s Resurrection, the very news he was hesitant to believe! He even suffered a torturous martyrdom from the people he was attempting to evangelize and save. However, to this day, a vibrant Christian Community of Saint Thomas’ disciples in India is a testimony of his missionary work.

The Lord calls all of us, who have not seen and yet believe, blessed. We are blessed for using the eyes of our soul to see the miracle of the Resurrection. We are blessed for feeling the marks of the nails through our personal studying of the Bible. Nevertheless, if we ever question our faith, it is enough to see the sacrifices that the disciples endured to proclaim it for us to believe. People do not travel great distances and suffering deaths of martyrdom for a lie. The Apostles of Christ inspire us to do what they did. It is our vocation to proclaim the good news of the Resurrection and salvation. “Christ Is Risen!” “Truly He Is Risen!”

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