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Never before in the history of the world did a phrase mean more for mankind. The resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ changed the world, society, even history itself. As Saint Paul states, if Christ were not Risen, our faith would be vain, our preaching would be empty. The victory of Jesus over death signifies our faith, hope and expectation to live forever. He emerged victorious from Hades, giving life where there was no life, giving light where there was only darkness, giving hope where there was only despair. The resurrection of Christ changed history, and changed even eternity.

There was a non-Orthodox person who asked one of our Parishioners why he comes to Church so frequently and why should one be a Christian. Our Parishioner responded that the teaching of Christ is perfect in its entirety. And, furthermore, Christ fulfilled all the prophecies that hundreds of years before had pre-described the life of the Messiah? That He would be born in the town of Bethlehem, from a Virgin Mother. That He would be called Nazarene, raised in that particular region of Judea, yet, He would come out of Egypt, as Christ did after Joseph avoided the wrath of Herod.That He would heal the sick and help the meek, as the Lord only did so profoundly. And, ultimately, that He would be crucified, yet His bones would not be broken; even that His garments would been cast in a lottery. That He
would rise to save the people from the eternal bondages of non-existence, death and corruption. Who would do all these things? Who will ever do these things
for us, other than Christ?...

The disciples of the Lord witnessed the resurrection and preached the message of the salvation to the furthest corners of the then known world. They left their families and all possessions to preach the Resurrection? Who would suffer persecutions, exiles and tortures for a lie? Who would die for a lie? The Apostles changed the world because, after the resurrection of Christ, the world was never the same. They strived for a better society, because Christ inspired love, faith and hope. He instituted a Community of love, the Church, which guides us to live following the precepts of the Christian faith. The life of Christ is a fountain of inspiration and a source of faith for all of us. Follow Him, and you will receive eternal glory. Love Him, and you will enjoy abundant blessings. Imitate Him, and you will cherish His grace. Believe in Him, and you will be saved!

“Christ Is Risen from the dead, by death executing death, and to those in the tombs bestowing life.” TRULY THE LORD IS RISEN!

Economos Nikiforos Fakinos