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The festive days of Christmas evoke joy to the faithful people around the world. We experience the excitement of our children on Christmas morning, as well as the peace and the serenity of the atmosphere in our families.

The warmth and the love we feel emanates from the Lord, from the humble village of Bethlehem. Christ received the love and the care of His family and the pilgrimage of the shepherds and the wise men. Christmas is a family celebration; it is an honor to also bring ourselves into the Lord’s family, as Christians, and to worship Him, offering gifts of prayer, fasting, humility, charity and love.

Christ came to earth to bring salvation, peace and love into the world. He divided and changed history; but most importantly, He transforms us, with the divine inspiration of His virtues. He inspires us to be humble, for He came as a humble and defenseless child. He teaches us to love, as He also loves the world and sacrificed Himself for our redemption. He shows us how to care, as He cared for the hungry, the ill and those who suffer. 

I pray that the incarnate Lord will come and dwell in the manger of our souls through prayer and His holy sacraments, Communion and Confession. It is a blessing for all of us to celebrate the “Nativity” of the Lord with the beautiful celebration of His holy services, in Church. This way, we may also sing with the angels: “Glory to the Most High God and Peace on Earth.”


+Economos Nikiforos Fakinos