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Saint Markella is celebrated on July 22nd. The Saint is Protector and Patron of the island of Chios. She is a Virgin Martyr of the Church and an inspiring example of courage and dedication to the faith. She martyred under the violent hands of an unworthy parent, a father who had no faith and no fear of God. For this reason, Saint Markella is also the protector of all children who become victims of abuse and who are not allowed to practice their faith freely.

God gives parents a great gift, the gift of life. We are entrusted to nourish our children in the best possible conditions, with love and the utmost respect for their mental, physical and spiritual health. Saint Markella, and other young people like her, has suffered tremendous pain and sorrow. Even more children learn evil in their homes, because of parents who do not practice their faith and a Christ-like way of life. We need to remember that parenthood is the most significant responsibility that has been given to us. We are responsible to teach our Children the principles of faith and the values of the Bible. We need to bring them to Church, Church School and Greek School. We need to get them involved with the Parish Youth organizations and ministries, the retreats, the seminars, the athletic and social activities of the Church.

We also wish health, prosperity and divine protection for all the people who honor Saint Markella, especially the people of Chios, who hold the Saint in the highest esteem. Many miracles have happened in her name, and people witness her continuous intercessions and God’s blessings throughout the years. Our Church, which is adorned with beautiful icons of the Saint, and the neighboring Community of Saint Markella participate in the celebrations and extend happy name-day wishes to all who have her name.

Economos Nikiforos Fakinos