iconographysideByzantine Iconography is the Art of portraying sacred images for the purpose of prayer, religious education and spiritual uplifting. Before the Bible was written, icons of the Lord and the Saints were already in use by the first Christians. Saint Luke painted an icon of Christ, the Virgin Mary and Saint John the Baptist. Other iconographers followed his example. Icons are not to be worshiped, which was a pagan custom reserved for statues and images of pagan pseudo-divinities. Icons are to be venerated, since the image of the icon is sacred. We always cherish and honor a picture of a loved one or someone who passed away; we exhibit even more honor and prestige towards the sacred images of the Lord, the Incarnate Word of God and Savior Jesus Christ.

There are also icons of Saints which are commonly used in the Orthodox Church. Saints pray for us and intercede for our salvation. Some people wonder, why implore a Saint to pray for us and not pray directly to Christ. However, one deed does not cancel the other; we ask friends and family to pray for us in time of need. They are people like us; they are not in Heaven, and yet, we ask for their prayers. Therefore, we may as well ask for the prayers of the Saints who are saved in Heaven. The Church is united, whether members of the Church are in Heaven (Church Triumphant) or on earth (Church Militant). Praying for each other and with each other makes all of us one worshiping community in Christ.  The Church is the Body of Christ, we are the members, connected and celebrating the gifts of His grace as one union in the Lord.

There are also icons that portray images from the Bible or the life of the Church. They are called Narrative Icons. Icons always tell a story. The Fathers of the Church called icons “the Bible of the illiterate.” They speak to all of us in a personal and profound way. An infant cannot read the Bible; but every person can recognize Christ and establish a connection with the Lord through His image. In the Bible, even the Lord’s garments became a vessel for miracles and salvation. The woman, who suffered from a flow of blood, touched his garments and became well. The same has happened to thousands of persons who have also been blessed, cured and graced by icons in their lives. Even touching an inanimate object that is connected to Christ is enough for our faith to invite the grace of God. We call such icons miraculous, although the miracle derives from the Lord and the faith of the person.

Miraculous icons are found all over the Orthodox world. All icons can convey a blessing; all icons teach and inspire faith. When Christianity was persecuted by invasions of non Christians in Eastern Europe, Southern Europe and the Middle East, people were not allowed to have books and religious education. Icons carried the message of the faith for centuries until freedom was re-established.

The Church of Saint Demetrios in Merrick is blessed with outstanding iconography. Unique icons adorn the interior of the Church and the visitor is welcome to marvel at spectacular works of art, completed by the renowned iconographer Mr. George Philippakis. Most of the icons in the Church are completed with only few left to be installed in the near future. Also, a Byzantine style ecclesiastical windows project is in development, so that the Church is filled with works of art that can convey the message of the faith with images that are more powerful than words.


 Icons from the Life of the Virgin Mary:                                                         $10,000 ea.     

1)      Presentation of the Virgin Mary

2)      Embrace of Mary with Elizabeth

3)      Annunciation of the Virgin Mary

4)      Dormition of the Virgin Mary

Sanctuary (Altar) Icons:                                                                                  $6,000 ea.

1)      Saint Basil the Great

2)      Saint Nickolas of Myra

3)      Saint Cyril of Alexandria

4)      Saint Gregory the Theologian

5)      Saint John Chrysostom

6)      Saint Romanos the Melodist

Main Nave Icons:                    $15,000 ea.

1)      Nativity

2)      Epiphany

3)      Transfiguration

4)      Entrance in Jerusalem


All small windows in the higher level of the Church (26)                              $500 ea.

Windows in the Entrance or Narthex area (West wall)                                  $1,000 ea.

Sanctuary (Altar) Window (North wall)         $4,000

You can also sponsor an icon or a window in the Church of Saint Demetrios. Your donation will be in the Church as long as the Church stands, commemorating a significant aspect of the faith. Future and present generations will benefit from your generosity. Icons are installed only once and therefore this is a unique opportunity to offer our gift of giving and love for such a marvelous purpose.

For donations or further information, please, call the Church office at:

(516)379-1368 or (516) 379-5516.

Altar Area Icons

1 Platytera holding Jesus Christ COMPLETED
2 Two Angels COMPLETED
3 St. Steven the Deacon $6,000
4 St. Gregory the Theologian $6,000
5 St, Cyril of Alexandria $6,000
6 St. Gregory Dialogos $6,000
7 St. Basil the Great $6,000
8 St. John Chrysostom $6,000
9 St. Athanasios the Great $6,000
10 St. Iakovos the brother of GOD $6,000
11 St. Nicholas of Myrra $6,000
12 St. Romanos of Melodos $6,000
13 St. John Chrysostom and St. Paul COMPLETED
14 Three Children in the Furnace COMPLETED
15 The Offering of the Sacrament of Holy Communion COMPLETED
16 The Sacrifice of Abraham $6,000
17 The hospitality of Abraham $6,000
18 Crucifixion with Stain Glass Window COMPLETED
19 Resurrection with Stain Glass Window COMPLETED
20 Lower Right Altar Wall: Axion Esti THE 12 APOSTLES
21 Lower Left Altar Wall: Life Giving Fountain

Dome Area Icons

22 Pantocrator enclosed with the Lettering Ring COMPLETED
23 Four Angels holding Lettering Ring COMPLETED

Sixteen Prophets (not available)

24 David 28 Jeremiah 32 Daniel 36 Elissah
25 Solomon 29 Ezekiel 33 Jonah 37 Zechariah
26 Isaiah 30 Moses 34 Habakkuk 38 Amos
27 Elijah 31 Jacob 35 Zephaniah 49 Haggai

The Four Evangelists (COMPLETED)

40 Mathew 41 Mark 42 Luke 43 John

Icons of Saints (COMPLETED)

44 St. Raphael 48 St. Alexander 52 St. Christina 56 St. Eleftherios
45 St. Irene 49 St. Marina 53 St. Panteleimon 57 St. Peter
46 St. Nicholas 50 St. Paraskevi 54 St. Stylianos
47 St. Phanourios 51 St. Savas 55 St. Andreas

Nave Area Icons (each scene includes stain glass window)

58 Nativity COMPLETED
59 Theophany COMPLETED
60 Saints Constantine and Helen COMPLETED
61 Transfiguration COMPLETED
62 Pentecost $15,000
63 Betrothal of St. Catherine COMPLETED
64 St. Dionysios not available
65 St. Spyridon COMPLETED
66 St. Anthony the Great COMPLETED
67 St. Irene Chrysovalantou COMPLETED
68 St. Haralambos COMPLETED
69 St. Irene the Great Martyr COMPLETED
70 St. George COMPLETED
71 St. Basil the Great $6,000
72 St. John Chrysostom $6,000
73 St. Athanasios the Great $6,000
74 St. Iakovos the brother of GOD $6,000
75 St. Nektarios COMPLTED
76 St. Theodore not available
77 St. Sophia with Sisters COMPLETED
78 St. Anargyri COMPLETED
79 St. Barbara COMPLETED
80 St. Gerasimos COMPLETED

Nave Area Icons (each scene includes stain glass window)

81 Resurrection COMPLETED
82 The Agony Before the Passion COMPLETED
83 Burial of the Lord COMPLETED
84 Myrrh Bearers COMPLETED

Balcony Area Icons

85 Life of Panagia COMPLETED

Chapel Icons

86 Iconography for the Entire Chapel of Saint Eleftherios COMPLETED

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