The Church School has the task to provide religious education to all the young members of the Parish, ages 4 to 18. The students are divided in classes according to age. Each class has a teacher and in some cases an assistant teacher. The Church School is organized under the auspices of the School Board; the members of the Board (parents of the students and volunteers) work together with the Pastor and the Director to ensure the efficient enrichment of the School. The Church School follows the curriculum of the Religious Education Department of the Archdiocese. All teachers attend monthly meetings with the Priest and the Director as well as Bible Studies, seminars and religious services for their personal edification. Church School events include participating in the Sunday Service, attending the dialectical sermon with the Pastor, receiving the sacraments of the Church (when properly prepared), assisting the needy (including the OCMC, Saint Basil's Academy, Christian missions and other charities), participating in lectures, seminars and retreats, organizing the Christmas Pageant, the Youth Choir and volunteering for the Church. Significant events for the Church School include the Beginning of the Year Aghiasmos (Blessing), Registration and Breakfast, the Visit to Saint Basil's Academy, the Religious Education Conference, the Christmas Pageant, the Godparents' Sunday Breakfast, the Lenten Retreat, the Saturday of Lazarus Confessions, Breakfast and Palm Weaving, the Prosforon and Kolyva Workshops and the Graduation - Moving Up Ceremony.