The purpose of the Greek School is to promote the Greek letters, language and civilization. The students are from Pre-K to Regents; they learn grammar, history, religion and dancing. The Greek School teachers attend seminars organized by the Greek Education Department of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America. They are Greek language diploma teachers with proficiency in teaching the language and culture of the Greek people. The Board and the PTA collaborate to organize all events and activities of the School. They have monthly meetings and they volunteer for charities, for Church fundraising and for contributions to the cause of promoting the Greek letters. Significant yearly events include the Aghiasmos (Blessing) of each class in the beginning of the School year, the October 28th (OXI Day) event, the Christmas Party, the Three Hierarchs Day, the March 25th (Greek Independence Day) event, the Festival booth, the honoring of students who excel academically and the Graduation - Moving Up Ceremony. The Rev. Fr. Nikiforos Fakinos frequently visits the classrooms to speak with the students, especially during the anniversary of significant events in the history of the Greek Nation and the faith. The dance groups perform in the Parish Annual Festival and other events of the Community. History is also a significant part of the School curriculum and students receive awards and Scholarships for academic excellence in Greek language and history.